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ok I was going to reblog this anyway

and then the one in the middle

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I love how book lovers reward themselves with finishing a book by buying more books. 

Sometimes we don’t even finish before buying more. We tend to congratulate our selves for buying books by buying more books. 

I really don’t need an occasion

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hairdressers??? how do they do that??? how can they cut the hai r when it’s wet and kno itll be ok and even??? ppl who speak more than one language and can read books in other languages and think in other languages?? ppl who can do long division in their heads?? ppl who can balance chemical equations?? doctors?? surgeons?? ppl who can remember dates?? and phone numbers?????? ALL AMAZING

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i don’t think anyone understands that when i say i get secondhand embarrassment easily i mean at the first sign of trouble for a character in a television show i immediately pause and sit there for ten to thirty minutes thinking “oh god they fucked up”

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Need new TV Fandom blogs to follow


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The big bang theory
Pretty little liars
How I met your mother
New girl
Grey’s anatomy
Doctor who
Duck dynasty
Doctor who
Modern family


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okay but like could you imagine all the muggle born students coming back to hogwarts after summer break and catching up on what movies they saw, what they thought of season finales, what concerts they went to and off to the side the wizard raised kids are staring at them in confusion and suddenly one of them just whispers

"what the fuck is a nickelback"

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